Education creates opportunities in the future

Education gives you a chance for a future. It
is not possible for every child to be able to attend education because it can financially weigh on a family.

Because education should be a basic right and because talent needs to be developed we have decided to help where we can.

Helping the source, is helping to education.

The effective education costs of your Pete child

Your contribution will be used for the effective education costs of your child, including:

  • Registration fee
  • School Uniform & Shoes
  • Bookbag or backpack
  • Textbooks & School Supplies
  • Meals
  • Use of computer (if any)

The commitment you make to supporting a child from your Pete child starts with the school until high school or until your Pete child leaves school.

Rest apply to Local education project

It is very important for warm brand VZW that residual money will also benefit your godson, albeit indirectly. We are building new classrooms, doing renovations and guarantee a local follow-up of your Pete child's file.

Warm Glow VZW deliberately keeps the operating costs as low as possible, so that the contributions can be rendered there where it is really needed.

Start up Peter-Meterschaps file

Once your Peter-meterschaps file is activated (after deposit fee), we will send you a Peter-Meterschaps package with:

  • A picture of your Pete child
  • An identity sheet of your Pete child
  • Info about the country of your Pete child
  • Practical information about the Peter-metering
  • Information about the projects of warm glow VZW

Should you consider a warm glow Peter-metering, but still doubt the financial commitment of €10 per month? Don't forget that for contributions to charity, you get a tax advanta
ge. From €40 per year, and as a godfather, you will receive a tax certificate. You can fill in the information on that certificate on your personal income tax return to get a 45% reduction on your actual donations.
Converted to your costs per month, after reducing this tax advantage, you do not pay €10 per month, but in fact barely €5.50 per month.

Maybe you're even keeping enough budget for two Pete kids?

Below you will find an application form for further informa
tion. If you are already convinced you can download a request document here.

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